Brandon Martinez: Disinfo and Flip-Flopping on False Flag Terror

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After being the only ‘non-aligned’ media disseminating Zionist CBN and Britain First’s propaganda of the clash of civilisations, as documented in the previous video, we now see Brandon Martinez switching from a false-flag/let-it-happen interpretation of some major terror events to them being the doing of blood-thirsty migrants.

This is exemplified in his before and after positions vis-a-vis the attack in the Bataclan concert hall which was allegedly committed by the Abdeslam brothers (who were not migrants by the way).

brandon before and after

The same is demonstrable by contrasting his previous takes on the beheading of the French priest and the truck attack in Nice, against his later affirmations in the video below these screenshots:

church 1

nice 1

nice 2

Likewise, months later Brandon Martinez shifts the blame towards the migrants (note: the alleged terrorists were not migrants but almost all French nationals with French passports who could freely go in and out of France).

This can be seen in this video of Martinez, which I saved before he deleted it from his Youtube channel:

Also, in a piece where he rushed to use DailyMail fake news about a Muslim committing a terror attack in a Spanish supermarket, Martinez seems to attack in very strong terms those who are skeptical of the reporting.

supermarket 1

supermarket 2 small

Thus, not only does Martinez’s Non-Aligned Media show poor, biased sourcing but also a consistent pattern in pushing the narrative of migrant/Muslim terror and in attacking those not yet up-to-date with his new take on terror events.

The significance of this is that after having people go to Western countries through legal, illegal and mass immigration, the next step to engendering the clash of civilisations is by demonising them with propaganda like CBN’s and Britain First’s agents provocateurs. Better yet, ascribe to them false flag terrorism and attack those who are skeptical of the accusations against them.

Ain’t that right, Brandon? thumbsup


Brandon Martinez has responded to this exposé of his flip-flopping and disinfo with a barrage of tweets the least impertinent of which attempts to rationalise the shifts in his positions with: “I quickly corrected my previous inferences about the Paris attacks when the beheading video came out”.

corrected 1

This is not true. In fact, two months after Martinez published the post that he claims amended his hasty conclusions, he was still characterising the attacks as staged comedy in which patsies were used. See the dates in the screenshots below:

after video 0

after video 1.png

Zero consistency, zero credibility. Q.E.D.

Addendum: You may also like to check the Twitter threads in which Martinez was confronted (click on the dates of the Tweets):


2 thoughts on “Brandon Martinez: Disinfo and Flip-Flopping on False Flag Terror

  1. Oh my goodness, he’s so racist!!!!!! He writes, “Mentally unstable and traumatized migrants cannot be viewed entirely as victims of war who need our tender love and care. They’ve shown a propensity to pay back generosity with bloody murder on innocent civilians.” So, to recap, no one can trust those immigrants because they’re so mentally unstable and traumatized from the war they might just snap and start a bloodbath. He goes on to write, “Not all migrants are terrorists, certainly, But even one rotten apple can spoil the whole bunch.” Really? So let’s say one person in Canada commits murder that person has spoiled everyone there? They are all wasted and therefore people should fear? One murder in Canada means there is a problem with all Americans? And this is somehow an argument against immigration?!

    That’s the thing about him. All Bradon’s arguments are so ridiculous and easy to debunk. He’s so obviously pushing an agenda that goes way beyond a mental flip-flop. It’s that manipulative “hissing” feel of a Zionist snake. I feel it all the time when they talk “at” me on YouTube. The level of depravity and word filth that comes out of them is deplorable. Brandon loves trying to degrade people and wrap all people who disagree with him in a blanket of stupidity in order to make a point. I’ve seen this in his other blog posts too. Like, seriously, who actually looks at any stranger as someone who just needs “tender love and care”!? By this, he intends to insult those who have the truth and peg us as bewildered naive hippies who are easily murdered by unstable individuals with PTSD and the imagined murderous spirit from those foreign lands.

    He does it again regarding the article on the attack in Spain concerning an alleged “Islamic terrorist”: “Will the Islam apologist kooks cry ‘false flag’ on this one too as they customarily do?” Again, I do not think he even believes this shit that he pens. He knows false flag is not the only thing people think happens. Isolated crimes happen all over the globe. No one calls every act of violence (real or sensationalized) false flags. I honestly think (and I’ve commented this on his blog) that he deliberately conjures up arguments he knows people do not have just to invalidate anyone who opposes him. Okay, I’m done now. I just had to vent after reading that.


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